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Jacoubowsky Residence

Jack's Peak Home Exterior

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In 1967, Bob and Barbara Jacoubowsky bought this 0.6-acre property in Monterey with an existing 1956 vintage 1250 square foot house on it. During the years that followed, there was always the thought of remodeling the house to increase the size and most important of all, greatly improve the appearance. (Unfortunately, the existing house was so ugly that Bob not only couldn’t get motivated, he also apparently hadn’t taken any pictures of it to help us illustrate its transformation.)

After years of procrastination, Bob finally got his act together and produced the design and working drawings for alterations and additions to the house, as well as securing a building permit. After approximately one year, construction was completed in 2001. The project involved demolishing the entire roof structure and most of the walls down to the sub floor, reconfiguring the existing 1250 square feet and adding 850 square feetof new area. This “new” home includes enlargement of all the previous spaces in the house, plus the creation of a new master bedroom, bath and walk-in closet suite.

During the entire period of demolition and construction, Bob and Barbara lived with a coffee maker and a microwave in one bedroom and bath that were not part of the initial demolition. Needless to say, tarps and portable heaters were an indispensable part of life during this time. On the plus side, this made it possible for Bob to work closely, on a daily basis, with the contractor and his men on the job.

P.S. Bob and Barbara survived this “ordeal”, are still happily married and are thoroughly enjoying their “new” home.

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