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Douglas Roberts

 Principal Architect

Douglas Roberts

Bachelor of Architecture, (5 year degree) 1985
California State Polytechnic University,
San Luis Obispo, CA
California License: C-18606 (1987)

Douglas Roberts jumped at the chance to become a part of JHW in 2010, having practiced in the local area since 2004. Doug first met Daryl Hawkins in 1991, and knew of JHW's extensive portfolio and excellent reputation. Doug's experience goes back further in the Los Angeles area - primarily based in and around Pasadena from 1986 to 2003. Before that, working through college allowed him to be licensed two years after graduation, and he has been leading and managing projects in small and medium-sized architectural firms ever since.

Doug is a contextualist at heart, which blends well with JHW's approach. He observes that a project never stands alone; it is always in a context whether a field, forest or city. Context helps shape the design strategy, and the project's users and owner(s) define its success. As an architect in traditional practice, Doug recognizes that the firm's construction documents - are key to a well-built project, but his work doesn't stop there. His collaborative methods engage the owner in the creative process, encourage the contractor to execute the project well, recognize the expertise of those working in the trades, and quickly solve problems as they arise.

Doug's experience includes a variety of project and client types

  • Commercial, office, retail & industrial
  • Small and large multi-family housing, including mixed-use.
  • Small private college to large public university
  • Church, para-church, and performing arts
  • Municipal and Libraries
  • K-12 public and private schools
  • Fitness and high school sports facilities
  • Corporate, individual, and non-profit clients

While at JHW, Doug has executed several projects for CSU Monterey Bay, The Monterey Bay Aquarium, McGraw-Hill, Casa Munras, and a few churches including most recently, the Pastoral Center at St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Spreckels. Doug is currently (late 2015) working with the University Corporation at CSUMB, on a phased remodel of the former Monterey Herald building in Ryan Ranch (itself a 1989 JHW project) for the Corporation to extend the mission of CSUMB.

Doug and his wonderful wife of over 30 years, Dora, have a remarkable daughter and reside off River Road in the Salinas Valley.

Member of:
Monterey Bay Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce
Government Affairs Committee

EMAIL: doug@jhwarch.com 

299 CANNERY ROW, MONTEREY, CALIFORNIA 93940 PH (831) 649-1701 FAX (831) 649-3072

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